Why Us ?

At Guarantor loans we provide a top notch service when it comes to providing our customers with the loan they need. Our up to date slider system allows you to adjust the amounts that you want to borrow until you have the right policy for you. By setting the amount and duration sliders you can have a full and clear picture of the total amount you will have to repay and gives you the chance of setting it to a rate that you suits your financial circumstances.

If you are a tenant or a homeowner, employed or unemployed, as long s you are meet the basic criteria and have a Guarantor in place then why not start your journey with us. If you are a home owner then you can access up to £7500 and as a tenant up to £4000 with interest rates as low as 39.9% depending on the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period you have selected.

In short we offer a flexible, easy to understand slider system that gives you total independence when it comes to setting your loan amount.

We are not a bank and so we want to give all of our customers the chance to borrow what they need without the hassle and grief that often comes from going to your bank for a loan.

We are fully approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office which gives you total confidence that you are accessing a  reputable and trustworthy company and we only work with companies who are also FCA registered.

Our website is designed with customer ease and satisfaction in mind and that's why we have made our website easy to use as well as informative and clear. Our process if simple and in 3 simple steps allows you to access the Guarantor loan you need.

Whatever you need the money for does not matter to us, as a customer we know that you need the money and so we will help you get it, use our simple to use sliders now and see just how easy it is and how quickly you could get the money you need.

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