How Does Guarantor Loans Work?

At Guarantor loans our process is so simple and easy to use, we pride ourselves in cutting out the hassle and time wasting that may come with going to the bank for a loan and instead offer an alternative system where you can access the money you need with the helping hand of your guarantor. Our process is outlined below in 3 simple steps.

Step One – Apply Online

Once you have decide how much you want to borrow and your repayment period and completed our form then your details will be passed to our partner company UKcredit whose own application form will be pre filled with the details that you have given us.

Step Two – Confirm your Details

You will be presented with an online agreement which you will need to read and sign and a link for your Guarantor to follow where they will complete their part of the application form and again provide their signature.

Step Three – Upload Supporting Documentation

Both you and your Guarantor will need to upload any supporting document that we have asked for such as proof of i.d, income, address, and employment status etc,  this page will display the information that you have provided to us and complete your application. Once you have done this you will receive a phone call from UKcredit who will advise you of your application approval.

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