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A Guarantor loan is a way of getting the loan you need but with extra security for the lender. It's a good way of obtaining the loan if you have existing debts or bad credit history or don't own your own home.

The process is simple, use the sliders on our website to find the loan amount you require, these sliders are adjustable to get it exactly to the amount you need rather than taking extra that you don't need. Then change the slider that selects the time frame that you would prefer to pay off your loan in. The smaller the monthly repayment amount the longer time you will need to make your repayments in.

Once you have selected the loan and repayment period you will see how much you will pay back in total and you will need to complete the application form at the bottom of the page. Your details are then automatically passed on to our partner site who will provide you with an application form to complete, this form will be pre populated with the details you have already supplied to us.

You will need to speak to the person who you want to act as your Guarantor and will need to make sure that they are fully aware of what you are asking them to do. At any point in the process you or your Guarantor can obtain free and confidential and impartial debt advice from www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Once you have submitted your application form and your Guarantors details a credit check will be undertaken and you may be asked for further documents. This is so that a fair and suitable agreement can be reached that suits the financial situation of both yourself and your Guarantor.

Once your details and application has been processed and any necessary credit check completed your loan will be paid into the Guarantor's bank account, sometimes this can be done in the same day that you applied. The loan is paid into your Guarantor's account and not your own for security reasons and to ensure that you guarantor is fully aware of what is happening at all times.

Yours Guarantor acts as security against your loan and will be required to make payments for you if you should become unable to make them yourself and may be required to cover the full amount.

At any point if you feel that you no longer want to take out your Guarantor loan or if you Guarantor themselves change their mind then this is no problem and your loan can be cancelled. You will not be charged any fees by us at any point during this process or on completion. We do not charge you any interest rate fees as this will be charged on a daily basis by your loan provider who we work with.

If you have any debt worries at all then we fully recommend that you seek help and advice immediately through websites such as www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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