Cookie Policy

Our website uses Cookies, these are files which contain information and are transferred to the device you are using when visiting our website. These cookies are then transferred back to your website and are recognised by our website if you revisit it. This makes it possible for our website to remember you if you use the same device to return to our site.

By using cookies it means our website can help you to visit the relevant pages to you on your return to the site as well as relevant pages that you have visited on other sites and brings out pages to your attention more effectively.  This helps to make your experience of our site better helping to ensure you see what is relevant to you.

By accessing and using our website you acknowledge and agree to our Cookies being used on the device that you are using.

However you can remove the Cookies and disable them in your browser and there are many websites available to you that shows you how this can be done.

We use three different types of cookies based on the categories contained in the International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom (ICC UK) guidelines.

Session Cookies are the main type of Cookie used by us as these help you to navigate around our website

Google Analytics Cookies is the next Cookie used as these are based on performance and are used to analyse the websites you use and what pages are more relevant and useful for you.

Thirdly, Zophim Cookies are used to remember the pages that you have visited and information such as language used, location and therefore more functional.

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